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AeroCamp Basic

AeroCamp Basic AeroCamp Basic AeroCamp Basic
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Product description

A camping mat composed of our air-permeable 3D honeycomb structure. Thanks to this maximal air circulation, your mattress will never feel wet. Your sleeping comfort increases significantly.


AeroCamp forms a layer of air which in the tent or mobile home or on a boat gets rid of condensation and rising damp and prevents fungus.
Furthermore, in winter AeroCamp forms a shield for the body against cold and damp.
In summer, excessive body heat is evacuated through the 3D honeycomb structure and replaced by fresh ambient air. In this way, excessive body heat can evaporate easily which keeps your body temperature better under control.

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There is one standard size: 140 x 200 cm.
Would you prefer another size? No problem, AeroCamp is available in any size.


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